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IZK (Interactive Zero-Knowledge)

In Non-interactive Zero-Knowledge (NIZK) Proof systems, such as zk-SNARK and zk-STARK, computations are represented as circuits, and the gate constraints within the circuit are depicted as a set of polynomials. If a computation requires multiple circuits, all these circuits need to be amalgamated into a single, large circuit that is then submitted. Despite the trust assumptions associated with this approach, it necessitates a very large memory space which is typically not feasible within browser environments.
To tackle the issue, we employ VOLE (Vector Oblivious Linear Evaluation)-based IZKP. Its linear nature allows us to submit circuits individually, effectively balancing memory size. Moreover, IZKP doesn’t demand a trusted setup, thereby enabling the generation of zero-knowledge proofs in a browser environment.
To delve into further details, kindly peruse our whitepaper or explore the blog below:
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