About zkPass

What is zkPass

zkPass is a privacy-preserving protocol for private data verification. It is built on the foundation of Multi-Party Computation (MPC), Zero-Knowledge Proofs (ZKP), and three-party Transport Layer Security (3P-TLS). zkPass provides TransGate, which enables users to selectively and privately validate their data on any HTTPS website to the web3 world. It can cover various data types such as legal identity, financial records, healthcare information, social interactions, work experience, education and skill certifications, etc. All these types of verifications can be done securely and privately without the need to disclose or upload any sensitive personal data to third parties.
zkPass can be readily incorporated into multiple application scenarios, including composable decentralized identity passes, DeFi lending protocols relying on off-chain credit, privacy-ensured healthcare data marketplaces, and dating apps featuring verifiable zkSBTs, etc. Wherever there is a need for trust and privacy, zkPass can provide a solution.

Why zkPass

Here are some key reasons to choose zkPass:

1. Privacy-preserving

Prove your private data without uploading any personal privacy details.

2. Verifiable

Re-designed the standard TLS protocol into a three-party TLS to ensure provenance of private data.

3. Compatible

Seamless compatible with any HTTPS websites, no API or license required.

4. Anti-Cheating

The decentralized network of MPC nodes divides the Session Key to verify the authenticity, integrity, and validity of the data, prevent malicious activities like identity theft and data tampering.

5. Memory-efficiency

VOLE-based IZK that realizes millisecond-level ZKP generation locally in the browser environment.
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