On-chain Achievements

On-chain achievements credential generation faces several challenges impacting user experience, data privacy, and the system's overall efficiency.


  1. Trust and Verifiability: Ensuring the authenticity and validity of on-chain achievements is crucial, as false claims can damage the credibility of platforms and individuals involved. Users need to trust that the generated credentials are accurate and reliable.

  2. Privacy concerns: Storing and sharing on-chain achievements may inadvertently expose sensitive personal information or data, raising privacy concerns for users. Balancing the need for transparency with privacy protection is a significant challenge.

  3. Data ownership and control: Users often have limited control over their on-chain achievements, making it difficult to decide which information to share and with whom. This lack of control can lead to privacy issues and potential misuse of data.

  4. Scalability and efficiency: On-chain credential generation can consume significant resources, leading to scalability issues and reduced transaction throughput. Maintaining efficient and scalable solutions becomes increasingly challenging as more users and achievements are added to the system.

  5. Interoperability: Achievements recorded on different platforms or blockchains may be challenging to integrate, hindering data portability and sharing of accomplishments across various platforms.


  • Proof of the number of transactions

  • Wallet history verification

  • Cross-wallet asset verification

  • Proof of Token Holdings

Example Cases

  • Cross-wallet asset proofing system

Users can utilize zkPass to generate a proof set comprising various address commitments, enabling them to demonstrate possession of a specific asset amount without disclosing the precise address.

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