Schema Market

Compute your internet private data into zk attestation and earn rewards. Seamlessly compatible with 100+ schemas.

Wallet Setup

To interact with the zkPass Schema Market and cover the gas fee, you will need to set up a wallet in advance.

When you’re setting up a wallet, be sure to:

✅ Download and install only the latest version from their official source.

✅ Back up and keep your recovery phrases safe.

❌ Never share your recovery phrases with anyone, under any circumstances.

We recommend installing MetaMask from the official website.

Connect Wallet

Install TransGate Extension

TransGate is a foundational product that incorporates three key technologies: zkPass , an MPC network, an Interactive Zero-knowledge proof system, a 3-party TLS protocol, and a front-end Google Extension.

The TransGate enables the seamless transfer of private data from the web2 realm to any other world, be it web2 or web3.

To unlock the features of the zkPass Protocol, you need to install the TransGate extension in Google Chrome, please follow the steps below:

  1. Install the TransGate on Google Extension Store

Please kindly note that DON’T install any Transgate Extensions obtained from third-party channels. This measure ensures that all installed extensions have undergone proper vetting and are up to our standards. Stick to official link and protect your personal accounts securely.

Congrats! Now you're able to experience the feature of zkPass Schema Market.


Please refrain from installing extensions from third-party sources. We cannot take responsibility for any problems that may occur as a result of installing such extensions. Stick to zkPass official link and trusted sources for a secure browsing experience.

Attest Your Private Data

  1. Select a Schema from the HTTPS data source in Schema Market.

  2. Connect to any chain.

The zkPass Schema Market leverages cutting-edge Three-party TLS (3P-TLS) and Hybrid Zero-Knowledge (ZK) technologies to enhance the security and privacy of Internet data sharing. This platform enables users to generate Zero-Knowledge attestations locally, monetizing their private data securely from any HTTPS-enabled website. Additionally, it provides a venue for developers and businesses to create, distribute, and utilize schemas that facilitate the verification and exchange of information without exposing underlying data, thereby preserving privacy and ensuring data integrity.

Important Reminder: to ensure the efficient use of computational and gas resources, it is advisable not to use multiple addresses to attest the same schema with the same account. Doing so will overwrite previous attestations, resulting in unnecessary resource consumption without yielding additional rewards.

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