Please be aware that as this is a pre-alpha version live on the testnet, it may exhibit unpredictable behavior and potential instability. Exercise caution during verification processes and ensure the highest level of protection for your account.

Welcome to zkPass's Pre-alpha! Thank you for being a part of us!

The zkPass Pre-Alpha is now live on Ethereum's Goerli Testnet, opBNB Chain Testnet, and Scroll Testnet.

Goerli is an Ethereum test network with PoS-based consensus, opBNB is an L2 testnet based on the open-source library Optimism OP Stack, while Scroll test network is a zero-knowledge rollup testnet deployed on top of Ethereum.

Here is the suggested workflow to explore our Pre-Alpha Testnet:

  1. Install the TransGate on Google Extension Store.

  2. Set up and add the Testnet configurations to your wallet.

  3. Request test tokens in the Goerli/opBNB testnet/Scroll testnet network from any Faucet app.

  4. Connect to the zkPass Pre-alpha.

  5. Try minting some zkSBTs.

You can find detailed instructions for each step in the remainder of this user guide.

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