TransGate is a foundational product that incorporates three key technologies: zkPass , an MPC network, an Interactive Zero-knowledge proof system, a 3-party TLS protocol, and a front-end Google Extension.

The TransGate enables the seamless transfer of private data from the web2 realm to any other world, be it web2 or web3.

To unlock the features of the zkPass Protocol, you need to install the TransGate extension in Google Chrome, please follow the steps below:

  1. Install the TransGate on Google Extension Store

Please kindly note that DON’T install any Transgate Extensions obtained from third-party channels. This measure ensures that all installed extensions have undergone proper vetting and are up to our standards. Stick to official link and protect your personal accounts securely.

Congrats! Now you're able to experience the feature of zkPass Pre-alpha Testnet.


Please refrain from installing extensions from third-party sources. We cannot take responsibility for any problems that may occur as a result of installing such extensions. Stick to zkPass official link and trusted sources for a secure browsing experience.

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