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appid(string) - project appid

Instance Methods

  • isTransgateAvailable() - Whether the user has installed the TransGate extension.

  • launch(schemaId) - Initiate the validation of the schema corresponding to the schemaId then return the result.

    • Parameters schemaId(string) - The schema ID that added in the project.

    • Return

      • allocatorAddress(string) - The address of the allocator node.

      • allocatorSignature(string) - Signature of the task meta data by the allocator node.

      • publicFields(Object) - Values of public fields defined in schema.

      • publicFieldsHash(string) - Hash of public field values.

      • taskId(string) - Unique id of the task allocated by the allocator node.

      • uHash(string) - Hash value of user unique id in the data source.

      • validatorAddress(string) - The address of the validator node.

      • validatorSignature(string) - The signature of the verification result by the allocator node.

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