Proof Generation

Edit your profile and mint zkSBTs

Connect your wallet to our official app first and edit your profile information including avatar, nickname, and BIO.

Then let’s explore the dashboard where you can find all the existing validation templates!

Step 1: Please select a category for verification:

On-chain Activities | Legal Identity | Financial | Social | Educational | Experiences | Skills

We provide a range of trusted data sources in the default template. Choose the statement you would like to verify from those available. Additionally, we encourage you to expand the variety of data sources and templates through our contributor program.

  • Access to your data source.

After Installing zkSBT tool kit(TransGate), you will be asked to log in to your account on the specific website.

  • Verify & Mint your zkSBT.

The field you wish to prove will be minted as a zk-based Soul Bound Token (zkSBT) using Multi-party Computation and Zero-knowledge Proof techniques.

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