Wallet Setup

To interact with the zkPass Pre-Alpha Testnet and cover the gas fee, you will need to set up a wallet in advance.

When you’re setting up a wallet, be sure to:

✅ Download and install only the latest version from their official source.

✅ Back up and keep your recovery phrases safe.

❌ Never share your recovery phrases with anyone, under any circumstances.

We recommend installing MetaMask from the official website.

To connect with the Testnet, you'll need to import the Testnet configurations into your MetaMask wallet.

The Goerli Testnet is already configured in MetaMask by default. To display it, simply click on "Show/hide test networks" in the MetaMask network selection dropdown menu. You can also manually add the BSC testnet and Scroll testnet by entering the configuration details provided in the table below:

Network NameGoerli TestnetopBNB TestnetScroll Testnet


Chain ID




Currency Symbol(optional)




Block Explorer URL(optional)

opBNB TestNet Guide

In order to utilize the opBNB Testnet, you will need to transfer BNB Test token from the BNB Chain to the opBNB Chain using the Bridge.

1. Wallet Setup

2. Test Token Faucet

3. opBNB Bridge

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